About me 

Katerina Kreovska is young contemporary artist with a unique style and perception of the world we live in. her rich inner world wraps space and form and transforms them into peculiar play with reality, whilst emotions find their way from the artist’s subconscious to viewer’s mind., reinforced by one of a kind combination of full and thick color. The spiritual is of key importance to her art, which she expresses in the art of icons, consistent with all the established rules of canon. Meanwhile, the richness of human experience leaves its mark on her art, where the soul is a battlefield between good and evil. In her art, Katerina doesn’t limit herself on the idea level, nor on the level of execution: “I don’t want to limit myself or my viewers. I aim to create illusions of real life experiences using colors and form, vie which each person can reach their own insights.” She likes playing with various techniques and experimentations, starting from acrylic and oil paintings, through to collages and employing various everyday objects in her pictures and projects. Katerina has a degree in fine art and scenography. As part of her professional development she has contributed to e number of projects regarding illustrations for various magazines and fashion publications – but her primary passion is the canvas. 
Katerina has several solo exhibitions in Buglaria, and has participated in various group exhibitions in Paris, Cannes and Florence.   
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